Your Future As An Actor or Actress Is Looking Brighter

Hollywood is a super competitive industry.  Thousands of people travel to California each year hoping to make it big as a famous actor or actress.  Unfortunately, most of them fail to ever make it to the big spotlight.  This does not mean however, that you are out of luck and shouldn’t pursue your dreams.  In fact, according to several research studies by the bureau of labor statistics, the occupational outlook for actors and actresses in the Hollywood area is brighter than it has been in several years.

The employment rate for actors is expected to grow by more than 10 percent year on year between now and 2024.  This if far better than the average industry and job market.  The increase in demand for actors will be derived from the demand for top movies and the many sitcoms that are on television these days.  Like we said not everyone will make it big and it could take a while for you to reach your goals in the industry.

There are several people who are making a lot of money as an actor but many more who are not.  If you factor in the big stars and all the little ones who do not make it, the average income is about $18.82 per hour.  Not exactly enough to retire with your second home on a tropical island.  Still you can live your dream outside of Hollywood.  You just have to think outside the box a little.

Actors are needed in many different places including production studios, broadway, theaters, and the many theme parks across the country.  You can be a professional actor and work at Sea World.  At least you will be doing what you love.  The point is not to give up on your dreams.  Hey, you even have the bureau of labor statistics backing you up.

How To Use Linked In To Set Up Your Next Movie Role

Social media has become an important part of our society and it is not going anywhere anytime soon.  Some people try to avoid it like the plague but my suggestion is to embrace it.  In fact, when used properly it can get you in touch with the right people very easily.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, and Linked In are all useful in getting in touch with people.

Linked In however, is the best of the bunch to use for advancing your career.  Why is this?  Because people set up Linked In profiles to connect with other business minded individuals.  Linked In has more than 500 million profiles in its database and is by far the best networking site for business professionals.  Often the people in charge will click around and view other people’s profiles.  How do I know this?  Well, last year there were more than 45 million profile views recorded.

If you are an actor I suggest you place all of your work experience on your Linked In profile.  Along with this, place your education, projects and any volunteer work on your profile page.  When important contacts are surfing around on Linked In they may come across your profile.  If they like what they see they could contact you and it can lead to an audition.  The entertainment industry is a super competitive business and if you have the opportunity to get an audition on autopilot you better set up you page.

On the flip side, you can be proactive in your search for Directors, Casting Agents, and others within the industry.  You can get them in your inner circle on Linked In and then you will have a better chance at securing a gig when they become available.  In order to do this it is best to have your profile in order and have your best for forward.  Your presentation is key so put some thought into the wording of your profile and what you decide to place on it.  Linked In was how I got one of my psychics orlando roles which turned out to be a big break for me in the industry.

Some of the key elements to look for in your profile include your profile picture, the background image, your ability to write and the professional image that you come across.  To sum up, put a little effort into your profile and it will be time well spent.

What You Need To Know To Make It In The Film Industry

Hollywood is a tight knit group and is full of business and politics that you must know in order to really succeed.  Being in the film industry for almost my entire life I have gained a lot of insight an knowledge over the years.  There are many things that newbies to the industry do that are mistakes that will quickly set you back.

The first piece of advice I would give someone that is new to the industry is to always keep your word.  In this industry your word is your bond.  It is everything.  Most of the deals and negotiations that we make are verbal.  In Hollywood everyone knows everyone and a producer and easily make a phone call that can make or break your career.  They can easily find out how much you were paid on your last film, if you are lazy, and if you treat others with respect.  The good news is if you are hardworking, caring, easy to work with and have a bit of talent you will go far in this industry.  The flip side is true as well, if you are mean spirited, lazy, talk behind people’s backs, etc. the word will get around quickly and you will have a very tough time finding any type of work.

Tensions run high in this industry.  The producers and investors in the film have a lot of money riding on the line.  They are basically very educated gamblers who are taking what they consider an educated risk on the film.  Sometimes the cassadaga psychics pay off a little and occasionally they will hit it really big and have a blockbuster on their hands.  Remember keeping a positive attitude in this tension built industry is key and will reflect brightly for you.  The decision makers in the industry will be watching how you act on and off set and it will make a difference in the amount of opportunities you are presented with.  No one expects you to be perfect but you do have to be honest and show respect to others.

Many times you will see in the movies a character who is in the film business who is rude and all about him or herself.  This can happen but most of the time even the star actors are friendly.  They understand what it takes to make it in this industry.