The Best Video Editing Software On a Budget

It’s 2017 and technology keeps advancing fast each and every day.  That is good news for those of us who have small budgets and have to make a lot of video edits.  It doesn’t take a big crew with sophisticated technological skills to get the job done these days.  The top three video editing software is listed below.

If you are looking for an software that is user friendly, provides quick edits and won’t break the bank then our top choice is AVS Video Editor.  Below is a screenshot of what you can expect when you purchase the software.

For those who are a little more technically inclined you can head over to the Adobe family of products and pick up Adobe Premier Pro.  It is great for editing commercial clips, documentaries, or local business promotions like the mediums in charlotte nc have done in the past.

Our final choice is one you may already be familiar with because it comes on most Macs out of the box and ready to go.  It may be a popular software but it is popular for a reason.  It’s because it works and it works well.  Some major producers have used it to create popular films such as Social Network, and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.  If your machine does not come with this editing software you can purchase it for $299.  That is a really good price considering it has the capabilities to do everything you need in video editing.  You are not just limited to Apple either, Final Cut Pro works perfectly on Windows platforms as well.