Your Future As An Actor or Actress Is Looking Brighter

Hollywood is a super competitive industry.  Thousands of people travel to California each year hoping to make it big as a famous actor or actress.  Unfortunately, most of them fail to ever make it to the big spotlight.  This does not mean however, that you are out of luck and shouldn’t pursue your dreams.  In fact, according to several research studies by the bureau of labor statistics, the occupational outlook for actors and actresses in the Hollywood area is brighter than it has been in several years.

The employment rate for actors is expected to grow by more than 10 percent year on year between now and 2024.  This if far better than the average industry and job market.  The increase in demand for actors will be derived from the demand for top movies and the many sitcoms that are on television these days.  Like we said not everyone will make it big and it could take a while for you to reach your goals in the industry.

There are several people who are making a lot of money as an actor but many more who are not.  If you factor in the big stars and all the little ones who do not make it, the average income is about $18.82 per hour.  Not exactly enough to retire with your second home on a tropical island.  Still you can live your dream outside of Hollywood.  You just have to think outside the box a little.

Actors are needed in many different places including production studios, broadway, theaters, and the many theme parks across the country.  You can be a professional actor and work at Sea World.  At least you will be doing what you love.  The point is not to give up on your dreams.  Hey, you even have the bureau of labor statistics backing you up.