What You Need To Know To Make It In The Film Industry

Hollywood is a tight knit group and is full of business and politics that you must know in order to really succeed.  Being in the film industry for almost my entire life I have gained a lot of insight an knowledge over the years.  There are many things that newbies to the industry do that are mistakes that will quickly set you back.

The first piece of advice I would give someone that is new to the industry is to always keep your word.  In this industry your word is your bond.  It is everything.  Most of the deals and negotiations that we make are verbal.  In Hollywood everyone knows everyone and a producer and easily make a phone call that can make or break your career.  They can easily find out how much you were paid on your last film, if you are lazy, and if you treat others with respect.  The good news is if you are hardworking, caring, easy to work with and have a bit of talent you will go far in this industry.  The flip side is true as well, if you are mean spirited, lazy, talk behind people’s backs, etc. the word will get around quickly and you will have a very tough time finding any type of work.

Tensions run high in this industry.  The producers and investors in the film have a lot of money riding on the line.  They are basically very educated gamblers who are taking what they consider an educated risk on the film.  Sometimes the cassadaga psychics pay off a little and occasionally they will hit it really big and have a blockbuster on their hands.  Remember keeping a positive attitude in this tension built industry is key and will reflect brightly for you.  The decision makers in the industry will be watching how you act on and off set and it will make a difference in the amount of opportunities you are presented with.  No one expects you to be perfect but you do have to be honest and show respect to others.

Many times you will see in the movies a character who is in the film business who is rude and all about him or herself.  This can happen but most of the time even the star actors are friendly.  They understand what it takes to make it in this industry.