The Latest Movie Reviews For The New Year

2017 is already upon us and that means a new year for movies and for our reviewers.  Currently leading the charts with the highest overall fan rating with more than 20 thousand votes is of course another Star Wars movie.  Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is a fan favorite.  It has also gathered high ratings from our friends at Rotten Tomatoes as well with an 85% overall satisfaction rating.  Personally, I am not a big Star Wars fan but with the combination of high fan votes and a good rotten tomatoes rating it is definitely worth giving the movie a shot.

Coming in second in fan votes was Doctor Strange with more than 16,500 people saying it was really good.  It also had a higher rating than Star Wars on rotten tomatoes with a 90 percent satisfaction rating.  Once again, not usually my type of movie but I am going to make this one a priority to watch over the next week or so.

One movie I did see over the Christmas holiday was Why Him?  Overall, I liked the movie and thought it was funny.  It did have a lot of curse words and is definitely not kid friendly.  So if you are baby sitting you might not want to bring them to see this show.  However, it is definitely more subdued in the language than Bad Santa.  As expected, rotten tomatoes gave Why Him a low score of 40 percent.  They tend to like movies that I think are terrible like the new Arrival movie.  I thought it was slow and there was not a lot to it.  However, it got an astounding 94 percent rating on the rotten tomatoes site.

So for the next week we will watch several movies and then let you know our take on them.  On schedule is The Accountant, Hacksaw Ridge, Wellington Fl roofing companies, Storks, and Trolls.  Just a guess, but of these I am expecting Storks to be my favorite.  Only because it got a really low rating on our competitors movie review site.  Talk with you soon.