How To Create and Finance an Indie Film On a Budget

Many great movies and sit coms have started with low budgets and unknown actors.  For instance one of the most popular and profitable indie films of all time is the Blair Witch Project.  It was created with a unique first person perspective with the person pointing the camera directly at themselves which is not a usual action in most films.  Also, the extensive use of a shaky camera scene is used throughout the movie which gives it a very unique perspective.  The Blair Witch Project was released in 1999 and grossed a total of more than $248 million in revenue.  This made the movie one of the highest earning indie movies in history.

Another popular series that you may not have known that started as an indie film was The Office and the reality show Jersey Shore.  The Office was a surprise hit and was quickly picked up by a television network.  The Office lasted a total of nine seasons and had a huge following of fans.  One of the great things about creating an indie film is that there is much less red tape and rules that have to be followed.  When you have a big production crew and several financial backers many times they will want to have a say in how the film should go.  This in turn limits your level of creativity and gives you less of a personal touch.

Marketing your film and getting the word out has to be the toughest part for an indie film without a strong budget.  However, with the rise of social media platforms, targeting specific groups with your movie has never been easier.  It is because of this that I believe it is much easier than ever to get your film seen by the audience you are looking for now than it ever has been in the past.  The best and easiest way to get your Carpet Cleaning Gainesville book or film created and published is to create and distribute it yourself.  There are many online publishers these days that will quickly and easily create your own personal book for you.

By doing this you cut out the middle man and save yourself a lot of headaches by getting rejected by the big film and publishing companies.  However, if you have the opportunity, I would not pass up the chance to get my film created by one of the big dogs on the block.  They will have a lot of financing behind them and are able to promote your film faster than you ever could on your own.


How To Create Perfect Aerial Shots In Your Film

Having the perfect aerial shot can really enhance your film or short video production.  It gives a new dimension to the story from the viewers perspective.  Aerial shots are so important that there are companies that specialize in doing only these types of shots.  The require a special set of skills and can help capture the perfect moment and angle for your production.

Living in southern California we are blessed to have perfect weather conditions ninety percent of the time.  That is a good thing because the weather is one of the biggest obstacles you have to overcome when trying to film aerial shots and footage.  Rain and fog will make it very difficult to get a clear shot in your videography.  If you live on the east coast and are filming in New York for example the weather can change dramatically from day to day.  It is best to prepare ahead and make certain you can get all of the footage you need in the same day.  In southern California one sunny day is very similar to the next but in New York you may have to wait several days in between to get the same type of weather pattern you need to create the same look in your film.

Drones and aerial robots have become mainstream and they have helped amateur videographers to create amazing results.  These drones can get angles that were previously only available to large production companies.  The cost of getting these angles has been significantly reduced as well.  One thing you must keep in mind when using a drone is whether you are near an airport or within a private neighborhood.  Often times these areas are not allowed to have drones flying around and it is against the law.  Be sure to check with your local water damage greenwood service and aviation authority before you conduct your filming.

Choosing a aerial service provider that has the experience you need and at the price that fits within your filming budget is very important.  You want to find the partner that will give you the impressive shots you are looking for and can complete the tasks quickly and efficiently so you are not overcharged by the hour.

The Latest Movie Reviews For The New Year

2017 is already upon us and that means a new year for movies and for our reviewers.  Currently leading the charts with the highest overall fan rating with more than 20 thousand votes is of course another Star Wars movie.  Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is a fan favorite.  It has also gathered high ratings from our friends at Rotten Tomatoes as well with an 85% overall satisfaction rating.  Personally, I am not a big Star Wars fan but with the combination of high fan votes and a good rotten tomatoes rating it is definitely worth giving the movie a shot.

Coming in second in fan votes was Doctor Strange with more than 16,500 people saying it was really good.  It also had a higher rating than Star Wars on rotten tomatoes with a 90 percent satisfaction rating.  Once again, not usually my type of movie but I am going to make this one a priority to watch over the next week or so.

One movie I did see over the Christmas holiday was Why Him?  Overall, I liked the movie and thought it was funny.  It did have a lot of curse words and is definitely not kid friendly.  So if you are baby sitting you might not want to bring them to see this show.  However, it is definitely more subdued in the language than Bad Santa.  As expected, rotten tomatoes gave Why Him a low score of 40 percent.  They tend to like movies that I think are terrible like the new Arrival movie.  I thought it was slow and there was not a lot to it.  However, it got an astounding 94 percent rating on the rotten tomatoes site.

So for the next week we will watch several movies and then let you know our take on them.  On schedule is The Accountant, Hacksaw Ridge, Wellington Fl roofing companies, Storks, and Trolls.  Just a guess, but of these I am expecting Storks to be my favorite.  Only because it got a really low rating on our competitors movie review site.  Talk with you soon.